Social engagement
KEDS greening the gardens of three schools
KEDS also this year is part of the Earth Day activities The company has decided to give its contribution to greening the spaces for pupils. The activity started on Wednesday where seedlings and flowers were planted in primary school "Kuvendi i Arbrit " in Ferizaj, The same will continue in the scho
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KEDS Academy students in a professional visit in Tukey
Ten students of the fifth generation of the KEDS Academy have stayed in Turkey over the last weekend. During the three days of their stay, students of this programme have visited companies Limak and Calik and attended courses that are in the benefit of their professional growth. On the first day, s
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KEDS has continued with donations through Kosovo schools
This time, KEDS staff went to the municipality of Junik, where he donated 10 computers for the "Junik Assembly" gymnasium, where he had already before donated 10 others more. So 20 computers met the needs of the school, especially for the IT cabinet. School Director, Naim Kuci, expressed extremel
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KEDS planted 22 trees to honour the Earth Day
KEDS marked the Earth Day, by planting 22 trees in the campus of the Technical Faculty of the University of Prishtina ‘Hasan Prishtina’. KEDS happily agreed to participate in the organization of the Municipality of Prishtina, "Be a friend of the earth". KEDS Academy students were the ones who too
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KEDS donates teaching equipment to Deçan pupils
KEDS has continued to support the educational – learning process in Kosovo. There are 25 computers and some tables and cupboards that KEDS has donated to the needs of pupils for the three schools of this municipality. This activity has greatly made happy the pupils. Milot Fetaj, a pupil of th
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KEDS is always ready for blood donation
Fatmire Korça, (20 years old) at the technical position for AMR calibration at KEDS feels very excited, as she today donated blood for her first time in life, in the regular annual blood donation action organized at KEDS premises, in cooperation with the National Blood Transfusion Center of Kosovo (
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KEDS advises pupils how to save electricity
Anesa Mustafa, a fourth-grade pupil from Bardhoshi of Prishtina now knows how to use the best possible way the electricity. She has learned this because within the Corporate Social Responsibility, KEDS has started the project of "Electricity Efficiency" with elementary school pupils. "I realized
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KEDS has sent 10 students of KEDS Academy to Turkey for
Presence and knowledge gained during this visit will help them to have a successful interlink with labor market. Team from Kosovo in Çalik Holding, was greeted and welcomed by Mr. Ridvan Aktürk, General Director of YEDAS Company. There the students were introduced to the history, achievements and c
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With a little help, a great writer can emerge
KEDS staff returned to the "Drenica" school in Morinë, where on June 1st they opened the library at this school. This time they participated in the promotion of the book "Abetare Jam", of a sixth-grade student of this school, Alketa Kuçica. Alketa had in the scripture 115 poems and her wish was to
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KEDS enjoys residents in the Old People's Home in Pristina
After the opening of two libraries on June 1 at the "Drenica" school in Skenderaj and in Reznik in Vushtrria, the next activity by KEDS workers was at the Old People's House in Prishtina. In order to enjoy them and break the routine, KEDS organized an evening in the premises of the elderly home i
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KEDS opened two libraries for pupils of Morina and Reznik
These two schools now have at their reading angles built by KEDS, over 1000 books collected by the volunteer action of the company's employees. The pupils of schools of Morina of Skenderaj and Reznik of Vushtrria have celebrated the International Children's Day in the best possible way. The song an
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KEDS employees repairing with their own hands the school in Kamenica
Over 500 pupils from Elementary School Fan Stilian Noli in Kamenica starting from Monday will have much better learning conditions. This is because their school has been renovated by KEDS employees, who instead of the day off, have chosen to work voluntarily, only to provide for the pupils better le
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KEDS continues the tradition of blood donation
Voluntary blood donation has already become a tradition every year of cooperation between KEDS and Kosovo National Center for Blood Transfusion. Even this year to the invitation responded a large number of employees of this company. Since morning it was noticed the influx of voluntary workers
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KEDS distributed hundreds of gifts and books for children
On Tuesday KEDS has distributed 420 gifts and same number of books for children of organization "The ideas partnership" in its centers in Fushe Kosova and Janjeva. Distribution of gifts to children of these two centers was done personally by general director of KEDS, George Karagutoff. "We decide
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KEDS equip schools with computers throughout Kosovo
Dozens of computers have completed labs in 6 schools in various parts of Kosovo. By this donation of KEDS will benefit thousands of pupils. A class filled with allot of western sun in school "Ukshin Miftari" in Skivjan of Gjakova on Monday seemed different from the others. There, instead of schoo
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In Bogë students created a bridge of unity of ideas and skills
KEDS organised a work weekend with 45 students and pupils that are part of the third generation of KEDS Academy. The goals is to evaluate through a relaxing weekend in beautiful Boga the abilities and skills of the students for learning, remembering and conveying them to others. To make them aware t
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Emergency outage for network maintenance
It is the third time on row that the company's workers are giving solidarity with the people who need blood. On 22 January, voluntary action for blood collection was organized by the Department of Communications of KEDS and Blood Transfusion Centre in Prishtina. KEDS workers said they were ready
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KEDS gave 420 gifts to children in Fushe Kosove and Qyshk
Egzona, a five year-old girl from Fushë Kosova was very happy on Wednesday. She was one of the 230 kids of the program “The Ideas Partnership” an NGO that supports the RAE minorities. “I am very happy” she says, whith her blue eyes sparkling, while her big brother was opening the gift for her. T
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KEDS gives books to children
In bag of gifts for the New Year the children of Fushe Kosovo and Qyshkut have found a book. They are selected by adapting the ages, from kindergarten through fifth grade. There were educational books of series to learn the words, beautiful tales of the brothers Grimm, Aesop's fables up to the w
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Buying bags for gifts
KEDS bought 420 bags of cloth which are made by women of community RAE. They are used to place the gifts for the children of Fushe Kosova and primary school of Qyshku at the end of year holidays. With the purchase of these bags, the company has provided a modest helping and supporting women
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KEDS Academy celebrates its success, as it graduates 50 students of second generation
14-10-2015 Starting today, 50 more Kosovo youth are better prepared for the job market. These are the 50 graduates of the KEDS Academy of the Second Generation, who received today their internationally recognized certificates. “We have been part in many acti
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KEDS sponsors the second night of Turkish Jazz festival in Kosova
The culture house Xhemail Berisha in Prizren was the host of the second night of Turkish Jazz festival in Kosova.
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KEDS assists the School of Competence in Prizren
Plaque that shows KEDS assistance is placed in March in the hall of the Competence School in Prizren. Thanks to intervention of employees of this company, the school operates normally today, while the students can attend the theoretical as well as practical lessons without any interruption. “I wou
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Charity Evening for children with Down sindrome
KEDS and KESCO were part of the evening organized at Hotel Swiss Diamond that was held during March in Pristina, organized by Association "Down Syndrome Kosova”. Kjo ishte një mbrëmje Bamirësie për të mbledhur fonde për ndërtimin e qendrës që do të ofrojë shërbime për komunitetin dhe fëmijët e preku
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KEDS Academy spent the weekend in Boge
Students of KEDS Academy have spent the end week in Boge of Rugova. The trip organized from KEDS was done with the purpose of providing some other education. Everything was a game, and the lesson was conducted while playing.
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KEDS electrifies Sports Center in Obiliq
KEDS has installed in record time the new substation and all equipment of high and low voltage so that the Sports Center of Obiliqi is supplied with electricity.
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Officially starts the second edition of KEDS Academy
This end week, 50 of selected participants will start officially the program of second edition of KEDS Academy, winner of 4 prestigious international prizes in the field of social engagement. The selected students are the most successful among hundreds of applicants.
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KEDS Academy takes the four Stevie Awards in Paris
Officials of KEDS and stakeholders took the four Stevie Awards in an official ceremony organized in Paris, France.
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KEDS Academy affected by modernity in Turkey
The most distinguished students of KEDS Academy had the chance to see closely the most sophisticated technology of electricity distribution and the most efficient methods of the company management of this kind in Turkey. During their one -week stay in Istanbul, Bursa and Samsun, 10 members of Academ
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The first generation of KEDS Academy graduated
On June 25, 2014, at the official ceremony organized by the Kosovo Electricity Distribution and Supply Company, in the Emerald Hotel Prishtina graduated 50 participants of the first generation of KEDS Academy, in Prishtina. According to George Karagutoff, General Director of KEDS, KEDS Academy pr
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Kosovo-Turkey, an unforgettable friendly
Wednesday May 21st was a special day not only for Mitrovica, but for the whole of Kosovo. In our country had arrived to play friendly football match one of the world's most prestigious national teams, that one of Turkey.
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KEDS sponsors the second night of Turkish Jazz festival in Kosova
The culture house Xhemail Berisha in Prizren was the host of the second night of Turkish Jazz festival in Kosova.
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KEDS Academy holds first lecturers
Professors from Bogazici University in Turkey over the weekend (on 1 and 2 February) held the first lectures to students participating in the KEDS Academy in Prishtina. Twenty students from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Public University of Prishtina "Hasan Prishtina" and thirty students of
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KEDS establishes KEDS Academy
KEDS Academy is an initiative of KEDS for effective solutions to problems faced by gifted students in Kosovo, providing practical knowledge and expertise through training and internship programs. The program aims to reduce the level of unemployment in Kosovo by providing long-term employment opportu
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KEDS equipped with new vehicles
A contingent of 150 vehicles arrived from Turkey, which KEDS has ordered for the needs of employees in terrain. From them 50 are of the type RENAULT CLIO, while 100 others are RENAULT KANGOO type.
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KEDS bought over 1,000 bags for woman of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian community
Besides electricty supply , KEDS has not left aside additional activity related to social responsibilities. With the purchase of over 1,000 bags , which are products of women of the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian community, KEDS has helped these people , who have no income and are in bad economic condit
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KEDS employees answer the call for blood donation
KEDS Communications Department and the National Center for Blood Transfusion have organized an action for voluntary blood donation by employees of this new company that operates in Kosovo less than a year. This action is developed in the Central Office of KEDS (object Elektrokosovo) on 14.01.2014. T
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KEDS distributes gifts for the holidays at the end of the year
On Thursday 19 December 2013, KEDS has distributed around 580 gifts for pupils of lower cycle and preschool in two primary schools in Krushë të Vogël and Krushë të Madhe, one of villages mostly touched in the last war in Kosovo. It is the first year of functioning of KEDS and these are first gifts
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KEDS offer fast breaking (iftaar) for its citizens
In honor of the blessed month of Ramadan KEDS staff offers fast breaking for its citizens in sign to show respect for Muslim believers, who are fasting this holy month. This is an act of charity and religious tolerance, when its known that in this majestic month all spiritual world of Islamic belie
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KEDS took part in the action for cleaning Kosovo
24 May 2013 - Kosovo Company for Energy Distribution and Supply of Electricity (KEDS) participated on Friday in the action for the cleaning of county. KEDS with this has proved that besides taking responsibility for electricity supply will be also strong supporter and active participant also in soci
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